Elämää Aussilassa Syklonin jälkeen

We came to Cairns on Sunday afternoon and heart immediately that next night there was a cyclone coming. The woman in hotel reception said, that go first  shopping and buy some tinfoods and something to drink. They gave us candles, because it would be almost sure, that we don´t have electricity for next days. We did all of that, this would be the first cyclone in our life.

It began four o´clock next morning. The wind blow fast and it was noisy. We haven´t seen before anything like this. We were very close to the sea and it was grey, waves were tall and noisy. But we didn´t scare, because we felt that we were safe inside in our hotel. We didn´t have electricity for next two days. It was ok in the day time, but in the night it was so hot inside the room without air-condition or fan, and we didn´t have cold drinks or any food in refrigerator. We had only tinfoods, but fortunately we like tunafish and toast.

The cyclone Harry was there about 6-7 hours and the center of the storm was in Innisfail, about 100 km from Cairns to south. We were lucky.

In Innisfail and surroundings they had a flood, a lot of houses lost their roofs and a lot of trees had fallen. It was terrible outlook. The worst was that they have lost bananafields. All bananabushes had fallen. Banana´s price raised to triple in the markets.

We were in Innisfail area one week after cyclone and they had still there a lot of rescue activity going on. They cleaned the area and it was possible to drive in mainroads, but on the small roads still had a lot of fallen trees. The storm had broken all signs and it was very difficult to find to some places. We would had gone to some nice waterfalls, but we didn´t find them without signs!

Welcome to Innisfail